Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Next up - Courses of Action Workgroups/meetings/workshops/whatever

Here is a schedule for our Courses of Action Workgroup meetings. I have added a calendar feature, not sure if that will work, so here is the schedule just in case.

Meeting Date Location

Environmental Health and Safety June 20-21 20th - Room B110 - State Office Bldg, 21st - Olmstead Room - East Capitol Bldg
On Scene Security and Protection June 22-23 Olmstead Room

Situation Assessment June 27th B110
Health and Medical Treatment June 28-29 B110

Fatality Management June 30th B110
Mass Search and Rescue July 6-7 Olmstead Room

Command and Control July 13-14 Olmstead Room
Mass Care Services July 18-20 18th - B110                                            19th-20th - Olmstead Room

Critical Transportation July 26-28 Olmstead Room
Essential Infrastructure August 2-4 B110

Public Messaging August 15-16 B110
Critical Communications August 17-18 B110

Public and Private Services and Resources August 22-24 TBD

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why is it so hard to talk about Resources?

Today I met with our Logistics and Operations folks to talk about Resource shortfalls. When thinking of a catastrophic plan, we have to realize what we have to meet our response numbers. So if we have 161 fires burning, and only 4 fire trucks, how are we going to get resources to fight those fires. Everybody knows what resources they have, it's defining what they will need from other sources that is difficult. What does a 7.0 look like, we don't know. What will it take to meet the needs of the response, we don't know, because we don't know where the event will take place and how much damage it will cause. How do we get something that we don't know if we will need it? Makes my head hurt thinking about it.

My meeting today focused on developing questions for our locals on what they have, what they will need based on a certain scenario, and what resources they are short on. Now to find the right person who can answer those questions and turning the answers into a resource request to FEMA.

Welcome to the Blog !

This is my unofficial record of my activities leading up to the completion of the Utah Catastrophic Plan and the Exercise in 2012. Here I will record my meetings, outcomes, thoughts, hopes and dreams that all this work will actually culminate into a beautiful, meaningful, comprehensive plan and exercise. So cross your fingers and here we go!