Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Next up - Courses of Action Workgroups/meetings/workshops/whatever

Here is a schedule for our Courses of Action Workgroup meetings. I have added a calendar feature, not sure if that will work, so here is the schedule just in case.

Meeting Date Location

Environmental Health and Safety June 20-21 20th - Room B110 - State Office Bldg, 21st - Olmstead Room - East Capitol Bldg
On Scene Security and Protection June 22-23 Olmstead Room

Situation Assessment June 27th B110
Health and Medical Treatment June 28-29 B110

Fatality Management June 30th B110
Mass Search and Rescue July 6-7 Olmstead Room

Command and Control July 13-14 Olmstead Room
Mass Care Services July 18-20 18th - B110                                            19th-20th - Olmstead Room

Critical Transportation July 26-28 Olmstead Room
Essential Infrastructure August 2-4 B110

Public Messaging August 15-16 B110
Critical Communications August 17-18 B110

Public and Private Services and Resources August 22-24 TBD

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